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Life at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

September at the Bolshoi

In my room at the Academy

It’s nearly the end of September and I’ve almost finished my first month at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy- it’s gone so fast! Only recently does it feel that I was having to catch that early morning plane with my three suitcases and hand luggage; I take this to prove how much I’m enjoying my time over here.

The Academy is really welcoming and I have a room which I share with two other students; Ioanna from Greece and Alice from England and we all get along very well.  The room is very light and airy and I have plenty of wardrobe and storage space so it feels like a proper home.  I have made some good friends already here at the Academy.  There are students from all over the world: Japan, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and Italy to mention just a few.

In the studio

I find the classes so beneficial and look forwards to them everyday; I haven’t grown bored of the routine or find myself lacking in enthusiasm for any day of the week. In particular, I love my ballet technique class and gymnastic classes; the Russian style of training feels so different to anything I’ve danced before (of course I trained in this style at the Bristol Russian Ballet School however, as the school is so far from South Yorkshire, I couldn’t train there all the time) and I can feel myself improving as it I am pushed to do things in different ways. In gymnastics, that means being stretched in ways you never thought possible!

I also am enjoying my Russian language classes where I feel that we have learnt a lot in a month! It is a small class which suits us best, I think, and our teacher doesn’t speak any English! Although, I’m glad he doesn’t as it has forced me to learn faster! I’m by no means able to get about comfortably in Russian yet but I understand more and more everyday; the language no longer sounds so odd.

It hasn’t all been easy! I’ve had problems with my internet which was quite stressful (I would have written a blog entry sooner had I had better connection earlier) and, being vegetarian, I was sent some protein supplements in the post which, instead of arriving at the normal post office two minutes walk from the academy, went to the international post office half an hour away by metro! At that point I was very anxious as my Russian is no where near good enough to speak to officials there! However, after a few failed attempts, I managed to receive my packages, so I could relax a little!

Sightseeing with my new friends

I have spent my free time exploring Moscow.  I got chance to do some sight seeing when my Mum was here with me at the beginning of September but have now had chance to explore further.  Last Sunday I visited the Bolshoi Theatre and the huge shopping centre, Gum, next to Red Square, with some friends. Now, I have also been given my student card which enables me to enter Red Square and go to the theatre very cheaply so I plan to see what’s on at the moment and go as soon as I can!

I’m really enjoying myself- the atmosphere is friendly, I am learning lots and and I am absorbing the culture.  I’m looking forward to coming home in December but am really loving every minute of it here!


3 comments on “September at the Bolshoi

  1. Janet Moody
    September 27, 2012

    Lovely to hear that you are enjoying your time in Russia – it all sounds very exciting. It looks like you are very busy with all your new studies and that you are working very hard. Look forward to hearing from you again. Take care. xx

  2. nicci evans
    September 28, 2012

    Glad you enjoying it huni, It sound amazing. Keep us all posted and Stay safe. xxx

  3. Julie Haywood
    September 28, 2012

    It sounds like you are having an amazing time there Tala, and working very hard too. keep up the good work and keep posting your blogs as it lovely to here how you are doing.

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