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Going to the Theatre…

The Bolshoi Theatre

One of the perks of being at the Academy is the student card we are given around the time we begin training here; it provides cheap access to the Kremlin and, best of all, the theatre! Ever since I discovered this, I’ve been determined to go and have checked endless times on the Bolshoi Theatre website for upcoming shows.

The process, however, of actually getting to see a show isn’t so straight forward! So far, I have tried to see, with two of my friends, La Sylphide (which we couldn’t see in the end anyway as our classes for that day changed so we no longer had time) and a neoclassical triple bill. This one, we actually did leave the Academy to see! The complicated part was still to come, though, and everyone has their own methods to tell you on how best to buy your tickets…

When we got to the theatre, we managed to write our names down on a scrappy bit of paper (this, everyone had told us to do) and were told to come back at 5.30, which we did, joining a queue that seemed to be for students. After a few minutes we suddenly realised that our queue wasn’t moving and yet there was activity by the box office; it turned out that we were in the wrong queue! We dashed into the box office, rushed up to a window, handed over my student card and 100 rubbles and…there I had my dead cheap ticket! (100 rubbles is about £2)

Nearly but not quite!

At that moment, a blind rolled down behind the window and, with the sharp click of the metal on the glass, we realised that they were sold out- only I had got a ticket out of the three of us! I sold my ticket to someone else and we left the box office feeling incredulous that we’d gotten so close and just missed out!

Never mind- we know exactly what to do for next time now! And next time will be Swan Lake, later in October, in the main stage in which we have heard that Svetlana Zakharova will be dancing Odette/Odile on one day! We w o n ‘ t be missing out on that one.


One comment on “Going to the Theatre…

  1. Louise Mercer
    October 13, 2012

    Tala, Alex just asks one of his teachers and they sort out the tickets. Not sure if your year can do that, but its worth asking? Alex says its better than queuing up.

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